Steve Scott of Birmingham Suggest How to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Business

When Steve Scott and his wife Teresa decided to open Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry in 1993, they started out as a small, local shop in Alabaster, Alabama. With hard-work and determination, and a strategic plan for growth, they’ve been able to expand their operations to more than thirty locations across the Southeast. Having a strategic… Continue reading Steve Scott of Birmingham Suggest How to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Business

Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry Allowed Founder Steve Scott to ply his Business Management & Development Skills

Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry allowed founder Steve Scott to aply his business management and development skills to his own consulting firm helping other small businesses. Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry: New Products Every Day via @SteveScottBA — Steve Scott AL (@SteveScottBA) May 19, 2017  

Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry: New Products Every Day

Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry has long been known in Alabama as a reliable shop with plenty of new products coming in all the time founded by Steve Scott of Birmingham. Stay up on which new products will appear on its shelves by signing up for the newsletter on the Scott’s website. Keep up with the… Continue reading Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry: New Products Every Day

Business Expert Steve Scott of Birmingham Created Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry

Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry was created by Steve Scott, a local business development expert in Alabaster, Alabama. Steve has grown the company into a network of stores offering high-quality items and excellent prices for buyers and sellers. He now lives in Puerto Rico, where he manages a business consulting firm.

Contemplating and Commemorating Rapid Transit in New York City

Originally posted on MCNY Blog: New York Stories:
? S.W. (Samuel W.) Green. Illustrated Depiction of the Broadway Pneumatic Underground Railroad. 1871. Museum of the City of New York. 42.314.142. The recently opened Second Avenue Subway, and dreaded closure of the L train in 2019, has all of us at the Museum looking back on the…

We’re terrible at truth, and that’s okay

There’s a cartoon I see shared with irritating regularity on my Twitter feed. You might have seen it too. There are two stalls on a street corner – one cheerful vendor is selling ‘comforting lies’, and the queue stretches out of frame with eager customers waiting to buy his wares. The other man sits despondent […]… Continue reading We’re terrible at truth, and that’s okay

The Sunday Traveler ~ Vintage Mexico

The Sunday Traveler has pulled some vintage photos from the family album; well, envelope really. Who has time for albums! The photos are those of my father, taken in my early years on some of our numerous trips to Mexico to visit relatives on our summer vacations. This exercise, of getting a few photos onto […]… Continue reading The Sunday Traveler ~ Vintage Mexico