Steve Scott of Birmingham: How Team Building Activities Benefit Your Business?

Steve Scott of Birmingham is the successful owner and operator of Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry in Alabaster, Alabama. For the last twenty-four years, Steve Scott of Birmingham has been growing his business, to include more than thirty pawn shops throughout the southeast. To continue to successfully expand, Steve Scott has to continually focus on employee training, resulting in a large staff of extremely knowledgeable and friendly employees who are dedicated to providing the best service to his customers. Through various team building activities, Steve Scott has found a way to reduce turnover and increase company morale.

Scott's Pawn & Jewelry: How Team Building Activities Benefit Your Business?

Here are some other benefits that team building activities can have for any business:

  1. You bring your employees together and start building valuable connections between your employees. These activities effectively create a positive atmosphere that works to boost employee morale.
  2. It provides a natural change in daily activities, helping your employees feel refreshed when they return to the office. This results in employees becoming more productive and more focused on their tasks.
  3. It gives employees a better work-life balance. Doing fun, team building activities both in and out of the office is a great way to create that balance, which results in employees feeling more appreciated and willing to contribute more to your company.
  4. Team building helps to decrease turnover rates by developing a sense of pride in your employees and a passion for the work they do. When employees feel they make a difference in their jobs, they are more apt to stay.

Scott's Pawn & Jewelry: How Team Building Activities Benefit Your Business?

Providing fun team building activities on a consistent basis can greatly benefit your company, through increase morale, productivity, and decreased turnover. At Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry, team building is an important activity that has helped them become the best pawn shops in Central Alabama.

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